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They detect large amounts of metal on the dark side of the dark

Researchers from Baylor University (USA) discovered a large mass of metal under the Aitken basin, located in the southern part of the moon's dark side, as published in a study in the newspaper Geophysical research letters.

The basin or crater is one of the asteroid's favorite places that has ever influenced our natural satellite and solar system.

The researchers studied data from the moon mission "The internal laboratory and recovery of gravity (GRAIL)"and compared them to the satellite's topography, so far more than 200 kilometers were found.

"When we combine this with the topographical data obtained by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission, we discover an unexpectedly large amount of mass, hundreds of kilometers"said Peter B. James, lead author of the study.

"Imagine we are taking a metal stack five times larger than the island of Hawaii and buried underground. It's about the amount of mass we've unexpectedly found, "the researcher added.

The Aitken Basin has a diameter of about 2,600 kilometers and a depth of 15 kilometers. One theory is that this crater was created by the collision with an asteroid, about 4000 million years ago, even though it is not the only one.

Another possible guess is that the metal mass it is a concentration of associated oxides with cooling and solidification of an old sea of ​​moon magma.

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