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They condemn that in Congo, they require sexual benefits in exchange for the Ebola vaccine

An international group of public health experts invited Monday to the World Health Organization (WHO) to call a committee that could declare a Emergency in Congo due to the latest Ebola outbreak.

In the statement published by the specialized magazine Lancet, the experts assured that an emergency would facilitate "the political, financial and technical support needed to meet the Ebola outbreak that broke out in May in May".

The Ebola outbreak was explained a little over a month ago in eastern Congo. It is the tenth that explodes in this African nation and is the second largest in world history. The disease has spread due to political instability, population density and collective shifts.

"The epidemic is not under control and there is a high risk of it spreading more through the region and perhaps the world," said Lawrence Gostin, author of the statement and professor at the University of Neill Institute for Public Health Studies. of Georgetown.

Experts expressed particular concern that the outbreak could spread to other countries such as South Sudan, one of the most fragile states that could hardly cope with the spread of the disease.

"The application of violent measures to prevent the spread of the disease in this country where violence prevails and where famine arouses, is important to avoid a humanitarian disaster," Gostin said.

The conditions for declaring an international health situation have been met, the experts insisted. The cited effects on public health, the lack of precedent, the extent of the outbreak and the subsequent population movement.

The WHO responded by stating that it monitors the situation with other related entities to determine whether it is appropriate to convene an expert committee.

"If we see these signs, the Director General will call a meeting," said WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic.

Sexual blackmail in exchange for the vaccine

In this context, many women are extorted in exchange for cures. A survey conducted by several non-governmental organizations shows that it exists a great distrust of the workers health services that serve the affected people, while violence against women has increased since August, according to a non-governmental report presented in Beni, according to the British newspaper. The Guardian.

Citizens in congo who were interviewed to prepare the report mentioned that the people who offer rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine, promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO), requesting sex to provide the service.

For its part, the government for congo He heard public complaints and asked citizens to report workers who were pushing them with money or with sex in exchange for the Ebola vaccine.

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