Wednesday , September 28 2022

They beat him, they raped and burned their genitals: they condemn subjects who killed his friend in Chiloé


Javier Nahuelneri Ojeda died February 13 this year as a result of violent sexual assault of their friends and in their own home.

As it appeared, the man was with three acquaintances in his house that is located in Lemuy Island, in Puqueldón, Chiloe, but after an abundant intake of alcohol he became beaten and bound with threads in bed.

Then the assailants bound him with a sheet on his neck, raped and they burned some of their genitals.

The attackers were found by a relative who immediately took him to Augusto Riffart de Castro Hospital.

Then Nahuelneri Ojeda was transferred later Earlier central mail of Santiago because of his serious health condition. After dying for 13 days, the 51-year-old man died in the hospital.


After nine months ago the brutal attack, Marcos Llaipén Escobar, Juan Nahuel Loncón and Luis Vásquez Colipichún They were convicted of killing, burning and raping his friend, reported Tuesday by La Estrella de Chiloé.

As stated in the trial, the group attacked various objects homeowners, all this before the infringement.

"In time not decided between the afternoon of 29 and the morning of January 30th by 2018, under the circumstances that the victim Javier Enrique Nahuelneri Ojeda consumes alcohol in his house, located in Los Arrayanes passage … (the accused) They attacked him until he was forced to force and each of the accused violated him"Read the judge who led the court, according to those reported by El Quellonino.

This local media also adds that the convicted attacked his victims against unconsciousness, burns his genitals and introduces one spoon in the anus. Later they left him to his destiny until found on January 30th.

While Public Ministry he requested life span Qualified, the three accused were convicted 16 years in prison for violent crime and single murder, as determined Oral court in criminal proceedings by Castro.

"It was possible to accredit testimonial, expert and documentation to determine the three in the two illegal," the Ministry said, Luis Barría, to the former media.

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