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These are the three candidates that Tianqi proposes to join the SQM board

The new SQM directory starts to take shape. Tianqi has the right to appoint three of the eight managers of the non-metallic mining company, which could enter on April 25 when the General Meeting voted to renew the Board.

Thus, the Chinese company chose George de Bourguignon, president of Asset Chile and director of Latam Airlines and Embotelladora Andina, and Francisco Ugarte, partner in the Carey y Cía study.

They will be added Rober J. Zatta, a US executive with "more than four decades of global business experience," Tianqi said in a statement. Executive work worked at Campbell Soup Company and General Foods Corporation.

The Annual General Meeting is scheduled for next April 25 when the Board of Directors must be renewed

Tianqi owns 24% of the SQM, a package purchased from Nutrien for US $ 4,070 million. However, its holding in the non-metallic mining company represented a strong opposition from the Pampa Group, consisting of a series of companies that own 30% of the company and controlled by Julo Ponce Lerou.

However, on April 10, Pampa and Tianqi signed the peace agreement after signing an agreement that governs a number of aspects related to SQM's corporate governance.

"We are pleased to have appointed these highly-calibrated individuals and are convinced that they will work diligently to value SQM, while faithfully representing the best for all SQM shareholders," says Vivian Wu, President of Tianqi Lithium .

"Georges, Robert and Francisco have vast experience in various fields and their prestige is recognized in international business. We are convinced that these board members will be a positive addition to SQM's long-term plans," he added.

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