Friday , December 3 2021

The unknown protocol that would have removed Meghan Markle to avoid the Queen's anger | Social networks


The duke of Sussex continues to speak for her proximity to humans and to break the strict protocol of the royal family.

A few days ago, Meghan Markle made news to use in a fashion show-British Fashion Awards-a dress that exposed one of the shoulders and had the nails painted black, two situations that displease Queen Elizabeth II.

On the same night, a microvideo, boomerang type, was published by the Instagram account for British Fashion Council, and it is as follows:

In fact, the duchess would have preferred to eliminate this image for fear that the clip did not seem suitable for the queen, according to a source of Daily Mail, which said: "It was something ostentatically the way he posed to hold her belly, besides wearing a dark nail polish that the queen hates".

I Style Magazine | Instagram

I Style Magazine | Instagram

That's why, just hours after it was published, the video was retrieved from the platform. Instead, a more sober photo of the Duchess was published, which "curious" was the same as they chose in the castle to hang on their official accounts.

Do you think the Congressional Protocol is a bit outdated? or Perhaps Meghan Markle should stick to traditions more strictly?

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