Friday , December 3 2021

The tension continues in Valparaíso: Port workers rejected negotiations with the government and TPS


The thrill in Valparaiso continues. following 33 days of intense protests, this afternoon it was defined dock,South Pacific Terminal and the government they could reach an agreement.

"After dinner you have to see what's going on," said the leader Pablo Kimpler At that time But with absolute majority, the negotiation agreement was rejected and regarded as an "insult".

Recall that the proposal of the concessionaire TPS, following the negotiation agreement reached on Tuesday with the government, consisted of a loan of 550 thousand pesos, which would later be discounted with payroll tax.

They were also offered a gift card with 250 thousand pesos, a bonus of 75 thousand pesos, a family basket and a training that would provide maintenance when the course began and another 100,000 pesos at the end of the course.

"It's an inadequate proposal because it does not provide any financial compensation, they're clean loans, a gift card that limits you where you can spend it, it's not money available to people and finally it's just a 450,000 dollar training course" said the harbor manager.

"We do not want there to be reprisals against comrades who demonstrate and a bonus of two million pesos as financial compensation," said spokesman on the goals of this mobilization that several ports in the country have already been added.

"I think that with the company, all bands have been completed and now the government does not need to be intermediary for the company and engage directly, you are witnesses of the people, the people are all against, all enthusiasm, they thought we were dead, but we is more alive than ever, "the president of Sudemp, Osvaldo Quevedo, added to Portal Portuario.

After delivering their response, the workers marched to TPS headquarters. According to this, within the sector adjacent to Plaza Sotomayor, strong confrontations with Carabineros were found that utilized the launch of the wagon.

In this way, the threat of boycotting "New Year in the Sea" and radicalization of mobilization becomes even more latent.

Minister for Transport calls for the ceasefire to end in Valparaíso

Transportministeren, Gloria HuttHe asked the mobilized workers and the TPS concessionaire to leave dissolution aside and allow dialogue. At the same time, he confirmed that the government continues in its attempt to end the strike.

"Our government from the first day has been involved in finding an organized resort," said the Secretary of State. "There are promotions on the table which, in our opinion, are reasonable, we do not have a direct role and what we do is an office of goodwill for the parties to meet," he said.

In this case, the portfolio manager stated that she was concerned about two key issues in this conflict: that exports during peak season were not affected and respective public security.

Hutt also stressed that the rest of the Port of Valparaíso continues to operate normally, so there must be financial responsibility in the rest of the ports in the country, referring to the possible attachment of more workers.

For its part, the Valparaiso Port Company (EPV) has called "both the concessionaire, TPS and the dockers themselves by Valparaiso, to relax their positions to resolve this conflict and to gain an understanding that long time will benefit our city and its port, the region and the country. "

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