Friday , December 3 2021

The ten weeks are reversed: gasoline falls and comes to August economy prices


National Petroleum Company (ENAP) informed Wednesday prices that will record fuel starting this thursday.

According to the state company, since December 20, liter of 93 octane gasoline will drop -5.8 pesos, reaching 743.1 pesos as a reference, marking its ninth consecutive decline, return to the prices it maintained in mid August, before the long period of increases.

On that road, it 97 octanes It also records its eighth low (-5.8 pesos) and reaches 763.9 pesos per liter.

the Diesel, on the other hand, will reach 564.7 pesos per liter, which means -5.8 pesos less than the previous week.

the kerosene, however, will present an increase of +7.7 pesos and reach 489.9 pesos per liter.

Meanwhile, liquid gas (LPG) It will also rise slightly, at 225.6 pesos per liter, as it will record a slight increase of 2.7 pesos compared with the previous week.

Prices are valid between Thursday 20 and Wednesday 26 December.


During this scenario, the 93-octane petrol will record nine weeks to the disadvantage, with an accumulated fall of -51.6 pesos during the period after the long increase period that raised the price of 50.3 pesos in 10 weeks.

In the meantime, 97 octane gasoline records its eighth consecutive loss, and already accumulates a drop of -44.8 pesos following the sharp increase of 43.4 pesos, lasting nine weeks.

Prices correspond ENAP reference values, which only tries to provide relevant information for the fuel market, unlike those reported by the National Energy Commission in its online fuel price information system.

In fact, the company can not be regarded as a document defining the value of the consumer in Chile, since these are completely free, because the Chilean market is characterized by being open, competitive and liberalized.

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