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The story behind the little Azucena from "Isla Paraíso"

The Mega evening program "Island Paradise" is already in its last stage and reached the last chapters as a great success with tuning.

And those who have stolen the fiction film are the children who participate in it, like Moisés (Simón Beltrán) and Andrés (Elías Collado). But a few months ago Azucena, who is the daughter of Madelyn, joined us and has since fascinated the viewers.

The little behind the character is Roodline Georges and she are only 5 years old. She was born in Haiti, but when she was only one year old her mother Guerline Vancol came to our country, where they joined Haiti's municipality living in the country. There they met Francisca Droguett and her older sister, Liliana, who, when she saw some pictures of that little one, wanted to approach her.

Liliana said to Mega: "I asked to see her immediately because we fell in love with pictures, and it was such a weekend they took her to the house and a little too little grew the connection. In the middle of everything, her mother found a job at Villa Alemana and because she couldn't get her there we stayed with her. "

Although her mother returned to Santiago, the little girl with the Francisca and Liliana family continued to the point that these Chilean mother made her a bit to make her more comfortable.


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Francisca explained that: "Rood found the stability she needed, but always with her biological mother near her. In fact, her mother lives three blocks from us and they see each other constantly, so Rood has four mothers: her biological mother, my mother, my sister Francisca and And she and we all are very happy to have armed this life. "

How did you get to the TV series?

Rood, who went to kindergarten this year, had the opportunity to join "Paradise Island" because Liliana warned that there would be a casting for fiction, where the small fulfilled the requirements. At the casting, the little girl showed her sympathy and talent, where she won the opportunity to play Azucena.

This is of course not your first experience in front of the cameras. "At the age of three, he did promotional images for a gallery's Christmas campaign, and he loves all this, he's passionate about it"said liliana.

Because Meg claims that the casting has been enchanted with it since he took because of his extrovert personality.

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