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The storm will hit the earth this Thursday

The Space Meteorological Prediction Center, SWPC, announced that the natural phenomenon will affect the planet until Friday, but its electromagnetic field will work to protect it.

Scientists from the United States and Europe reported that a solar storm will affect the earth between this Thursday, although they have demanded calm because they are not expected to cause power outages or other types of damage.

The Space Meteorological Prediction Center, SWPC, indicates that the storm enters category 3 and was derived from a coronal mass ejection released by the sun due to variations in solar wind and causing changes in current; In the measure, the measurement will be in the range G1 and G2.

Although there is no study to prove that a solar storm changes people's biological function, there is a doctor who during these days recommends avoiding too much exercise and recommends taking a light diet, as it is believed that there may be a change in digestive and cardiovascular systems.

The European Space Agency (ESA), for its part, has issued a statement confirming the information of American scientists and has called for calm, as the Earth's electromagnetic fields will work to protect the planet, which often happens.

It can affect the satellites and therefore threatens telecommunications.

It is also known that less geomagnetic storms confuse migratory animals that depend on the Earth's magnetic field for navigation.

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