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The slogan "Put the Shoulder" starts the vaccination campaign against the flu

Coyhaique. – The community health center for the Corvi de Coyhaique population was the site chosen to lead the vaccination campaign against influenza 2019, the sole purpose of which is to protect the health of target groups of risk to this disease occurring during the winter months.

Health personnel began their immunization last week and henceforth, health centers in the region are ready to apply this vaccine to the different target groups, including pregnant women from the 13th week of pregnancy, boys and girls between 6 months and 5 years 11 months 29 days, adults 65 years and older, workers of poultry and hatcheries of pigs and chronically ill between 6 and 64 years.

"We have an approximate population of 33,000 recipients of this vaccine in risk groups in the region. For us as a government it is relevant and we need mainly older adults to prevent themselves this winter. We will promote this campaign in the different age groups in collaboration with the intersector, says Regional Director Geoconda Navarrete, who led the launch at regional level together with health and medical authorities and intersector.

For Alejandra Valdebenito, Seremi de Salud with this release, it is good to remember that the influenza virus is one of those that causes the greatest morbidity and mortality in the country and the region of Aysén. "Last year we had a death in the region, which did not get vaccinated. Today, we are strengthening and launching this campaign with an emphasis on the elderly, in order to strengthen this campaign in them. If a person is vaccinated, they may become ill with the flu, because the tribes are different. but they will not die. What we are looking for is that our people do not die in the region of this virus, Valdebenito says.

For his part, Sergio Muñoz, senior citizen and leader of the previously retired ANEF Clotario Blest officials, urged older adults to vaccinate in time in this campaign. "The conversation is that they should protect themselves, take care of themselves and put their shoulders to prevent this winter."

Vaccination is free, regardless of pension status, and mandatory for target groups. The health network in the Aysén region last week was trained at regional level to meet this campaign that was launched nationally by the health minister Emilio Santelices. "Vaccination marks an important milestone for reducing the morbidity and mortality of the population and our health care network. Vaccination is always good, necessary and mandatory. It is a social responsibility not only with me but also with my son, with my neighbor, with all people Who lives around me. The conversation should be vaccinated to put the shoulder as we do today, "concluded Sandra Paredes Deputy Director of Health Care Management Aysen Health Service.

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