Friday , January 22 2021

The second report on Red Dead Redemption 2

It came of course. But not at that level. Since Red Dead Redemption 2, of Rockstar Games, one of the year's most sought after video games, has not only quickly become a sales success, but the debut has transformed it into the most commercially successful release in history. Ironically, of course, the previous game in the same company, it Grand Theft Auto V, had a few days ago the scepter. The best part is that the crown is at home.

When the title debuted in 2013, it was possible to collect one million copies sold in less than a week. In the long run, the game became a product of Entertainment most lucrative in history. On the other hand, Red Dead Redemption 2, successors to the 2010 game managed to raise sales a lot $ 725 million, In just three days! The only game with similar success for so many days had so far been the debut of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which managed to raise $ 500 million. The difference is then complete.

The commercial success is primarily due to the fact that the game is a very attractive and extremely detailed adventure located in the western part of the United States, where the protagonist – the player – is part of an illegal band escaping the team after a failed event. Presented as an open third-world world, the opportunities offered by the game are almost endless in following the story which by the way should be the longest in a video game with reports that already give it a close-up 60 hour game. But there are more reasons.

And beyond hype which has been built for years along with the unbeatable reviews (currently having a score of 97 in Metacritic), is the fact that at this time Rockstar Games announces a new title, an earthquake occurs in the media. Badly bad, the brothers business Sam and Dan Houser Over the past few decades, it has become one of the most important, representative and successful companies in the current video game industry. And the last game they took was exactly five years ago, so expectations were high. And they did not betray.

The original barrier has been exceeded far. Now it's still to see how the game will keep up with sales, especially when it's later playing online, ensuring a long lifetime that happened to Grand Theft Auto V. For now and adported to the Rockstar financial reports in connection with the game, billions of dollars in insurance sales have already been exceeded. Like the 15 million copies sold by the original game.

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