Wednesday , December 8 2021

The radical decision by Juanfra Matamala after being accused of favoritism in Rojo: asked to go to Capilla | TV and Show


One day of the controversial "rescue" that recorded Juanfra Matamala in RED, after he got rid of the chapel after being scared of the public without even showing up on the stage, the dancer answered the criticism of viewers and participants who accused favoritism from the program to your participation.

The previous caused a seguidilla of unusual facts in the competition. For example, the constant state that he received from production to be absent in key cases of elimination.

The last took place last Friday, when it was rescued from "eliminating Friday" by the audience after not even showing up at the studio of the program.

With the above, Matamala was among them five participants looking for a place for the final next door Pablo Cancanco, Rodrigo Canobra, Francisco Solar and Xiomara Herrera, which caused discomfort among his classmates

In the program on Monday, the dancer was criticized. "When I got the chance to return to the competition this season, I told the production that I had occupied on 15 because of work commitments," said Matamala, who assured that production would "Authorized to Miss".


After his presentation, the jury sent him chapel, claiming that he acted "without wish". After that, Matamala responded that he had technical problems in the landscape and revealed a request he made for the production of RED before its presentation.

"I asked for a meeting of production and I asked if I won or lost today I would go to elimination on Friday. I feel guilty of my colleagues for what happened on Friday."he insured.

Then the dancer added: "I'm walking my head up … It has been difficult days and I feel my head has been somewhere else".

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