Sunday , October 2 2022

The post that David Pizarro is nominated for in U


After the 30th date of the 2018 Scotiabank National Championship, the flyer will leave the business.

David Pizarro He was the great protagonist of a rather unfortunate day for Chile's university. 0-0 with Iquique left them without the opportunity to reach the title of the last day, but the last game "Point" at the National Stadium until he cried with emotions (see here).

The love of the blue fans was demonstrated on this day, but also for the leaders. Until the last moment, President Carlos Heller did not close the opportunity to continue counting on him, but the decision of Buenos Aires forces them to think of other options to take advantage of his undeniable football trip in the elite.

Thus, according to the information published in the newspaper El Mercurio, P.izarro could continue in the university with a leading position. Ronald Fuentes would not continue as sports director and "Providence Dwarf" could be an advisor for who takes a stand for "Chilenita", where Sabino Aguad currently has the advantage.

After completing the retreat, Pizarro will go to Valparaiso for a while and then define his future career. At the moment you want to utilize your experience and, in addition to advising on the key position (especially in reinforcements and planning) The club wants a voice in formative football.

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