Friday , September 20 2019
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The paraffin price will fall over 30 pesos per liter

the National Petroleum Company (ENAP) reported that this week the fuel will fall, especially that kerosene who will register a reduction of 33.3 pesos per liter.

Through their weekly price report, they reported that petrol and diesel will also drop 5.9 pesos per literwhile the liquid gas will make about 21.1 pesos per liter.

As for the reason for the fall, Enap said that "last week began under a context where the president of the United States, Donald Trump, expressed the intention to set tariffs on Mexican goods, if you do not give a "solution" to the migration to the United States ".

"In this way, Mexico's economy risked entering the recession if these prices were effective. Therefore, the market feared that growth in global demand would be even lower than the forecast at the beginning of the year, which pushed the prices of crude oil and its derivatives to the disadvantage, "they added.

In addition, they reported that "The exchange rate in Chile showed a decline over the past week, explained by the current international market context.".

The weekly report presented differences to previous versions and did not provide the exact value that each fuel would reach. In his communication, Enap informed the state "do not fix prices in Chile and its role is solely to commercialize the various hydrocarbon derivatives for the wholesale industry, ie to the distribution companies ".

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