Sunday , October 2 2022

The mysterious and happy message from Karen Bejarano who raised suspicions about pregnancy | Social networks


Karen Bejarano and Juan Pedro Verdier are one of the symbolic pairs in the Chilean show. They both met in Mekano and then never divorced again.

Together, they became parents of Guillermo, an 11-year-old boy who, every time he appears on Karen or Juan Pedro's social networking surprises, with the great resemblance he has with his mother (SE NOT).

The three have formed a beautiful family that always receives compliments from their followers, and virtually all panorama is shared, except a couple of weeks ago when the couple decided to take a vacation they dubbed as a new honeymoon.

The first stop was Mexico, where they tour historical monuments and enjoyed the paradise beaches of North America and a few days ago they settled in Brazil to continue their romantic journey.

His beautiful postcards have been envied by several fans, but there was a new publication that left a doubtful ocean because of Karen Bejaran's intense words against her husband, who immediately made one think of a possible new pregnancy.

"Thank you my love for every minute we participate in this new adventure, for every smile given to wake up, embraced every sunset and for each time you took my little hand when I did not encourage anything. But I thank God for each steps we could take together on this trip that opened our eyes. It was a gift! It began as "a couple of holidays" but ended up being a blessing, given the important turn it gave to our future. You super duper love! "Wrote the panel Good morning.

It was just his last words that aroused suspicions, because Karen repeatedly expressed interest in having another child. "For these words, I think a new son is coming; "Will they come back with a little thing?";"It smells like a new member; "Pure light and love, blessings come";"Are you pregnant?", Were just some of the more than 170 comments that the publication received.

So far, Karen has not talked about it and if so, she will probably confess it in her own program.

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