Friday , December 3 2021

The irritation of the viewers of Pasapalabra with Julián Elfenbein


On Thursday evening, Alan González and Luis Medel met for the second time in the Pasavisión Chilevisión program.

A non-controversial participation, since both had 16 matches, Luis ran out of time and already had 3 errors in the popular "Rosco". Meanwhile, Alan had the same number of correct answers, but he had only 2 errors, which the chapter gave him.

To the surprise of many and when he had to answer the last letter of the alphabet, Gonzalez said "diamond", a word that did not even have Z. Therefore, Alan explained that "we are playing very seriously but if there is a chance to share the price Luisito is my brother, so I do not doubt it or think about it. "

A determination that failed with the program driver. "It's your decision. I just want to tell you that the spirit of the program is lost a bit. It's okay to go through once, but making a table is not part of the program's spirit. There are many waiting to come in and they have made casting and strictly passed scenes. The next chapter must already have a winner. The rules do not allow a new tie, and more if they fix it, "says Julian Elfenbein.

A call for attention that generated a wave of criticism of the animator on twitter:

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