Friday , December 3 2021

The infinity of the sword and planet had broken Fortnite


Epic Games has shown for more than a year as He knows how to do things very well and it has a huge creativity and imagination to take items and surprising news.

With the arrival of Season 7 seemed like everything would be the same, but reality has been different. At the presentation, all criticism was positive and compliments came from everywhere.

Until the players light up Fortnite. At that moment, the matter changed radically. Aircraft have changed the way to understand the game.

And now You can win a game simply by waiting for the rest of the players to stay and attacks the submachine gun the last ones come to life.

But the worst was yet to come. Epic was prepared to introduce "Infinity Sword" and I hesitate to do it. By that time, Fortnite disappeared completely.

With this new mythical object You can destroy all structures in a few seconds, you are virtually immortal and you are doing a lot of damage.

A proof of the enormous The change that has been in the game has been Winter Royale. If you compare Europe's end to that in North America, the differences are obvious.

Now it's the epic game to decide. His first step has been to eliminate the sword and leave it in the fridge, but we will see if he is taking action against the plan.

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