Wednesday , December 8 2021

The images of Jupiter described as "artwork"


NASA sent Juno spacecraft to Jupiter in 2011. Well, Juno took a while to get there, but she did.

The pictures were taken by spacecraft in its exceeding number 16, October 29, said NASA.

Juno traveled for years and arrived at Jupiter only in July 2016. The spacecraft was launched so that researchers could study Jupiter's composition and development, and they are happy about what they found. Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and is by far the largest planet in the entire solar system.

"The general theme of our results is how Jupiter looked different than we expected," said Scott Bolton, Juno principal researcher at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio when the first images were revealed in May of May. "This is a close and personal look at Jupiter. We thought it was uniform on the inside and relatively boring. What we find is the opposite," he added a scientist.

The watercolor swirls in this picture are clouds in the north-north tempered Jupiter belt, NASA said.

And like clouds on earth, people search for ways in them.

NASA started the game.

But others rushed to do the same with observations ranging from an octopus to a bird.

There are still no reports of an airplane or superman. But NASA tweeted pictures clearly a crew of dolphins.

NASA said that on December 21, it will mark the centerpiece of the data collection of Juno's main mission.

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