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The harsh reasons why NICOLAS YUNGE lives in England

A while ago Nicolás Yunge revealed in their social networks that he lives in Europe in search of a better life. However, the main reason why the young man has left the country seems to be much stronger than previously thought.

Through eight videos on his Instagram account, the youngster admitted that he currently lives in Liverpool in England because he believes he is a refugee for human rights.

"I decided to leave Chile because (…) I got death threats, sometimes I was beaten, thrown from the stairs, several things happened to me, so I decided to go to Madrid, where my father was. It turned out to be a big mistake, then he sent me to London where an uncle, who turned out to be a nightmare, "he revealed.

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He also added that "asking for asylum in another country is not easy; it was months I lived in foreigners home … I fought for my rights, to be respected, to be treated like a human being, something I didn't do It have happened throughout my life, I have suffered bullying, I think that since I went to preschool I have been treated for Maraco, fat, I think my whole life.

Finally, and after several months of paperwork, the previous reality claimed that he got it refugee status for human rights in the European country, and could get a place to stay.

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