Monday , December 6 2021

The company offers thousands of dollars to those who leave their smartphone aside for a year's PlayFM


Instead, you must use a 1996 phone.

"Did you know that one in two people said they could not live without their smartphone?", asks the company vitamin before announcing a challenge where the winner could win thousands of dollars.

The company places dependent on smartphones to leave these devices for a year and instead use a 1996 phone. The one who achieves it will win 100 thousand dollars. Tempting, or not?

Among the competition rules, which are only available to the United States (patience, hopefully, to Chile), it is also not allowed to use phones and tablets of friends, family or anyone else. Yes, There is permission to use laptops and desktops.

The corporation belonging to Coca Cola will choose contestants through Twitter and Instagram. Each of the parties concerned has until 8 January 2019 to tell what they would do with their free time if they did not have social networks.

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