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The best trippers to lose weight

The summer comes with the urgency of losing the extra pounds with a miraculous or hypocaloric diet, so you don't end up in that mistake, here we present the tricks you must follow to win the battle against the scale.

1. Give the use to the scale

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Tilt the scales to your advantage. According to a study published in the Journal of the Nutrition and Dietetics Academy, people who wanted to lose weight and weighed each morning lost an average of 9.2 kg in six months, while those who did not, lost only an average of 3, 1 kg.

2. Set a lunch schedule

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Consuming daily calories in an eight-hour fork can reduce body fat by up to 15%, according to research published in the journal Journal of Translational Medicine.

3. The perfect day

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Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania say that Monday It's the best day to start a diet. One of the co-authors of the report, Jason Riis, says: "Some days, called" temporary reference points ", we have a different view of ourselves and think more about the future."

4. Burn everything

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According to the College of New Jersey, which runs 85% of the maximum heart rate for 20 minutes and then lowers it to 65%, the ability to burn fat during the rest of the training. This allows you to burn 23% more calories than doing sprints at the end of the session.

5. Rebound effect

An undeniable truth: it is easier consume calories than burn them Therefore, if you mark a single purpose to lose weight (in addition to driving many kilometers), it makes it easy to adjust your diet that you can keep. The American Medical Association has discovered that eliminating 200 calories from your daily intake (such as a coffee with milk) will lead you to make other changes in your lifestyle naturally, helping you avoid restoring 71% of weight lost. that most people usually recover after doing a crash diet.

6. Energy dose

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A coffee before driving increases performance and reduces the feeling of effort. But don't overdo it: too much caffeine can increase the cortisol level and not make your body get rid of fat. James Harper, chief barista of the baking Fork Deli Patisserie (London) suggests a "Guillermo" (an espresso with lime). In addition to vitamin C, which activates the immune system, flavonoids help to digest. And it's pretty rich.

7. Small trap

In the game of weight loss, counting calories helps, but cheating for a week can be the best strategy to win. According to researchers at the University of Michigan (US), increasing the calorie intake by 30% for seven days may end with the typical insulin spikes in the diet that make us jump on the cake.

8. Fast results

Another reason to increase the effort: A study published in the scientific journal The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine found that high intensity increases levels of hormone irisin, directly responsible for burning brown fat.

9. No caffeine better

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After dinner, forget it Drink with caffeine and go to the water. Drinking 1/2 liter of water before eating helps to lose 44% more weight.

10. Treat yourself

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According to research from the University of Kyoto (Japan), some slices of bacon in the morning can be the best friends in your metabolism. This is true thanks to coenzyme Q10, a molecule that stimulates fat burning by 50%. Make it great with a delicious version of the classic bacon sandwich on the days you have planned an intense workout.

11. Stand up and run

You may have heard that driving on an empty stomach stimulates the ability to burn fat. A Belgian study has shown that those who exercised before breakfast, even though they ate 30% more calories for six weeks, were stable.

12. Get rid of cravings

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According to a new study, in addition to the extra calories you burn when trying to pronounce your name, the tropical fruit is called Garcinia cambogia inhibits the proliferation of fat-producing enzymes and releases serotonin to reduce congestion.

13. Feed your senses

Some nutritionists claim that when cooking oil We add many empty calories to the food. What is the solution? Get rid of 250 kcal by changing two tablespoons of oil per diluted soy sauce.

14. Take more milk

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When you are in the gym for the workforce, make sure you also burn fat. A study by McMaster University of Canada found that after twelve weeks, people who drank a glass of milk while doing important exercises lost twice as much fat as those who drank an energy drink.

15. Better, varied sports

With cross-training You work different groups of muscles, making you a better runner and avoiding injuries. In addition, various exercise exercises help maintain motivation, and more importantly, allow you to burn the unwanted love handles on days that you do not start.

16. Don't go hungry

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Stylize your figure thanks to these amazing diet pills. How is it kycklingleverpate It contains 62% of the recommended daily intake of pantothenic acid, a nutrient that converts fat to energy. Or also wine, which, according to Washington State University, inhibits fat storage. This list is also available mustard, that according to Oxford University, the thermogenic properties of this product can accelerate metabolism by 25%. It also takes potato, the food that has a very bad reputation, but according to the University of Sydney, 100 g has only 87 kcal, and they account for 10% of the recommended daily fiber intake.

17th best lamb

In a study in China, people who consumed four grams per day of the L-histidine supplement decreased their waist by more than 2 cm without making other dietary changes. This amino acid is naturally found in roasted lamb.

18. The success of a good breakfast

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Israeli researchers have discovered that people who regularly take stronger breakfast lose 2.5 times more than those who eat a lighter breakfast.

19. Paleo style

Our ancestors must run to get food, and you should do something like that. A study by the University of Exeter has found that only 8 minutes of high intensity exercise before sitting down to eat improves blood vessel function and stimulates metabolism.

20. Dream fulfilled

If you follow a routine before sleep that will make you sleep, you can burn fat while you sleep, thanks to the body that replenishes growth hormone and testosterone, an important combination for combating fat. For example, take 90 minutes before adding a hot and low carbohydrate meal. Or an hour before, do not drink any kind of liquid to prevent your blower from waking you up at night. You can also book 30 minutes, enough time to do some meditation, guided with any program like Headspace before closing your eyes. And just before you sleep, put the phone in the flight mode so it doesn't sound or shine at night.

21. A special blend


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If all your prepared recipes for a healthy diet leave you unsatisfied in gastronomy, the taste improves with one combination of spices Made with the basic ingredients at the bottom of the pantry. This blend (five tablespoons of coriander seeds, one cinnamon stick, two tablespoons of mustard, two tablespoons of turmeric, four tablespoons of cumin powder, one tablespoon of dried chili pepper, four tablespoons of curry powder and one tablespoon of powdered ginger) is full of ingredients that balance the level of sugar in the blood, anti-inflammatory and metabolismaktivatorer. Throw it to the meat, eggs and vegetables, and you will prevent your mind from dreaming of the nearest kebab.

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