Friday , December 3 2021

The authorities question zero civil protection by the government in banking simulation of Linares


"I was aware that if the simulations are warned they are not simulating and should be so close to reality", There were words from Mayor of Maule, Pablo Milad, to refer to the traumatic banking simulation carried out by Carabineros on November 29 at Linare's department.

The statements by the president's representative in Maule generated the response of the government and opposition to political authorities facing the violent treatment suffered by the branch employees and the government's involvement in civil protection of bank workers.

"The coordination of Carabineros with the Interior Ministry was shameful and they informed me about WhatsApp cWhen I asked Carabineros for something else, I found unnecessary violence, exposure and risk to civilians, "said the mayor of Linares, Mario Meza (RN).

Regional Council, Rodrigo Sepulveda (DC)He added that "here was kidnapping, death threat and unnecessary violence against civilians and, If they tell me that the government and the mayor knew about it and did not do anything, it seems very serious. "

BancoEstado decided to remove those responsible for Linares branch while officials, Claudia Sepúlveda and Lorena Trejos, that They sued for kidnapping and threats will add a job protection against the bank for breach of their rights as workers.

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