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Stan Lee dies: 5 of the most famous superheroes created by the genius behind Marvel

In lively colors and supernatural powers, Stan Lee created great known super heroes for Marvel.

The American writer, who died on Monday in Los Angeles at the age of 95, revolutionized the world's series with his different characters and managed to make the company Marvel Comics a big multimedia company.

BBC World chose some of its most famous super heroes.

1. Spider-Man (Spider-Man)

superpower: Spider-Man manages to climb the walls of the building and stick to surfaces like a spider. From his dolls he pushes tough spider lanes that allow him to jump from one place to another and can detect imminent dangers thanks to his "spindle feel".

Your storyDuring a school visit, Peter Parker, an orphan boy raised by his uncle's uncles in New York, gets a bit of a radioactive spider. From that moment on, acquire the young skills of this invertebrate,

Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created this fictional super hero that first appeared in August 1962. Spider Man is one of the most popular and loved superheroes of the public, and he made the progress from comics, television, video games and a whole range of marketing products.

2. Iron Man (The Iron Man)


superpower: With a high-tech armor and special forces, the tycon, philanthropist, researcher and playboy Tony Stark protect the world from evil.

Your story: Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark, son of inventor and gun contractor Howard Stark, suffered a serious injury during kidnapping. When his prisoners try to force him to build a mass destruction weapon, the man creates some kind of armor to save his life and escape. Later, Strong develops armor, adds weapons and other technical devices designed in his company Stark Industries.

Iron Man was created by Stan Lee, scriptwriter Larry Lieber and artists Don Heck and Jack Kirby. Its premiere took place in March 1963 in Comic Tales of Suspense, and in 1968 he had his own comedian.

Initially, the character was a vehicle for Stan Lee to explore themes in the Cold War, especially the role of technology and American industry for the struggle against communism. Later the plot was developed against other more modern themes.

3. Hulk


superpower: Hulk is large, green skin and very muscular, with extraordinary physical strength.

Your story: Dr Robert Bruce Banner is a weak researcher, not particularly sociable and reserved. After an accidental exposure to gamma rays during the detonation of an experimental bomb, Banner Hulk becomes exposed to a strong emotional stress or a situation that annoys him. Hulk is violent and aggressive, and his behavior makes Banner's life difficult. The strength of the hole is usually proportional to its anger.

Created by Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, Hulk was in the comedy The incredible Hulk in May 1962 and, like many of the super heroes created by Lee, also jumped from comedy to the star in movies and TV shows.

4. Thor


superpower: Thor is the Asgard goddess and owns the enchanted Mjolnir mall, which allows him to fly and manipulate time, including superhuman attributes.

Your story: The character is inspired by the Norwegian goddess of the same name. He debuted in August 1962 and was created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby.

Thor is one of the founders of avenger (The Avengers) and also featured on all kinds of Marvel products such as TV shows, movies, video games, clothes and toys.

5. Black Panther (Black Panther)


superpower: Black Panther has supernatural abilities acquired over the years thanks to the rituals of his kingdom, Wakanda, especially the drink of a heart-shaped herb.

Your story: Black Panther's real name is T & # 39; Challa and he is the king and patron of the African fictional nation Wakanda. T & # 39; Challa has extensive scientific knowledge, undergoes rigorous physical training and has combat skills and access to Wakanda's advanced technology to fight enemies.

This character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby first appeared in July 1966.

With his powers and abilities, Black Panther has put his wealth, power, and life into service for humanity.

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