Wednesday , December 8 2021

SSD maintains diabetes care and prevention during holidays


With recommendations for self-care and a healthy diet, the Durango Secretary of Durango maintains care and prevention of diabetes mellitus during the holiday season, says Sergio González Romero, Head of Department.

The self-care of the Durango people during these holidays is paramount as it is because every time the number of patients diagnosed with diabetes mellitus is lower, the headline refers to the recommendation that consuming artificially sweetened beverages or soft drinks, as well as foods containing refined sugar; Take a balanced diet and perform some physical activity.

The aim is to protect health, prevent or delay diabetes and complications of increased incidence among adults and older adults, as well as raise the quality of life in this population group, establish and consolidate policies and strategies that help reduce morbidity and reduce mortality from diabetes, strictly consistent with current provisions, "said González Romero.

The secretary reported that diabetes mellitus is a priority issue of health care and prevention, so it is necessary to promote a healthy diet and check this condition effectively during the holiday season.

According to records of epidemiological week number 46, 7,955 cases of non-insulin dependent diabetics are present in the state, of which 4,000 873 are between 20 and 59 years and 3,000 82 are men.

It is worth mentioning that among the preventive measures in the adult and older health program, the National Diabetes Week has been implemented since 2014, which mainly addresses the population 20 years and older, as it is currently detecting chronic diseases such as diabetes in this sector.

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