Monday , September 23 2019
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S&P warns: The ban on Huawei can have a major impact on the global industry

the possible US restrictions on equipment manufactured by Huawei may have a major impact on the industry worldwide, according to the risk assessment agency Standard and Poor's, which at the moment has not changed the sector's rating.

The agency currently believes The impact of any ban on Huawei is unknown (companies that S & P does not evaluate), taking that into account Negotiations between the US and China continue related to the trade.

The Riksbank's analysts believe that these prohibit Huawei would affect the technology sector more than telecommunications, given the short-term impact on Huawei's suppliers, according to this agency in a press release.

Habib thinks so The consequences can be managed in the short term for technology and telecommunications companies, however crucial in the long term.

In his view, this veto would be a catalyst for Huawei and the Chinese administration to speed up their investment in technology to reduce dependence on foreign suppliers in critical components.

In turn, this ban can increase competition in the field of technology and potentially reduce the long-term growth prospects of US technology companies, according to this analyst.

In the long term, it believes that the consequences for telecommunications are likely They vary from country to country and are largely related to 5G investment decisions.

This authority believes that the possibility of achieving market leadership in the expansion of 5G is an important success factor in a dynamic economic environment for countries and regions.

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