Friday , December 3 2021

Singer Becky G showed almost no makeup in interview and fans did not recognize her | TV and Shows


Becky G is undoubtedly the singer of the current city music, which with its sticky rhythms has managed to win over the audience.

But that's not all because because of its huge popularity, the artist launched its own makeup line and, in order to promote the products, she decided to publish an interview on her Instagram account.

But like never before, Becky G saw his face completely natural. At this time, she removed the long fake eyelashes she often uses and she did not use her shiny lipstick, she said. BioBioChile.

The comments were immediate and several pointed out that it looked very different and that some of them also had trouble recognizing it.

"What a radical change", "It does not seem like that"; "I thought it was another"; "What little eyes without makeup"; "It literally looks like another person"; "I did not recognize her without makeup", were some of the comments.

But while a group of people did not seem to be at all, others stressed that they were natural.

Next we will show you the video.

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