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See a new OVA for "Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan"

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Rohan Kishibe it is one of the only characters that can be emblematic JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, now cabe duda, y la fanaticada suele estar de acuerdo. For those who don't care about new eccentric artists, you can join an OVA. This is how they confirm and suites the web which is a new adaptation and launch with a trailer included.

This is because of what we think about OVA's “Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan"("Así loved Rohan Kishibe”), Adaptations that are prevalent in public, and many" one shot ", which is a primer compilado for editorial Shueisha durante el 2013. An animation of the number of production, comenzaron and realizarse posterior to the emission of Diamond is Unbreakable, the 4th part of the universe that fanaticada has levantado.

Leather pouches: Fire Force: Anime tan bueno como su manga, pero menos "crudo"

The adventures of Rohan are very similar to paranormal, may be standing, looking at situations involving implied luggage, y enckas, and may. We are now desperate to get rid of the different characters.

Trailer of the production:

A part of this document, and a limited limit of its size for the production of adaptive capitals "At a Confessional"y"The Run".

Editorial: anime / Facebook / Twitter / Cobertura

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