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Samsung oven that turns into two (and changes the way you cook) and your refrigerator more wow

This time Samsung has left many with their mouths open and wants to change the kitchen. TV and hilarious Mario Vaquerizo and Bibiana Fernández, they have done a good job show (more than show cooking), but the star who has really dazzled is the one who took the technical: an oven that divides into two whenever you want (with two temperatures in each zone and which isolate the smells), called Dual Cook Flex. Also a watch that turns on when you start the plate because they are connected with bluetooth and the refrigerator in the dreams of many dreams Familjehub: with interactive screen where you can watch videos or listen to music. This will be the future of the kitchen according to Samsung.

Samsung has shown us what they say is future kitchen. And of course it paints yes: an oven a little bigger than normal, with 75 liters, and a hinge door that allows you to set the oven in two. If you have a large Christmas turkey you can use it evenly and when it comes in more than you usually get and if you want to make a cake or pizza while making a baked fish, the scents do not interfere. It also has an ultra fast cooking that offers a lot of savings. Even more if you only use one of the parties for example to make a pizza or a cake. The heat is concentrated and used much more. They say it gets faster and you need less time. We have to prove it. But the video they've done says a lot:

the the door is hinged and has a mechanism to become two small independent doors (Flex) and it does not avoid the heat from below if you open the top (you know the oven loses a lot of temperature when you open it). You should always post what has less cooking time, yes. The bottom gate cannot be opened independently. On the screen you can see the current temperature and when you open you can see perfectly how the degrees go down.

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The ignition temperature by the way starts at 50 degrees, perfect for very slow cooking. It is also important that you can manage it from the app Samsung SmartThings (available on Android and IOS). Therefore, you can leave some vegetables to roast and light the oven remotely. It has an "Autocook" function with more than 50 recipes where you leave something on and it is done alone (low and rising temperatures, gratin …) For us, the only thing that would be missing is perfect Steam function, which will appear in the next edition according to those responsible. Now it has a steam cleaning function, and of course pyrolytic cleaning.

Finally, like many of the new generation, they do not transmit the heat outwardly, but this one has specifically four crystals And you would never say it's on. It is quite cold if you touch it on the outside (for those who have children is important). Well, and the price, which is very good: 899 euros (although there may be good deals on some dealers for the launch).

Ydray Nz63r3727ak 002 Front Overhead Black

Next to the oven we could see the new in action Dual Flex Zone Plus induction plates with more room for more "cacharreo" and that interacts with the extractor because both have Bluetooth. The watch has a striking design, now that it is so important because the trends make our kitchen more than beautiful. Because we've seen it during an event we cannot know if they are more or less noisy or if the extraction unit draws attention. But we hope to check it soon.

Ydray Rs68n8941b1 004 Front with screen Black

on Family Hub refrigerator, The one we saw yesterday was beautiful. In slate gray, with very square lines. Original, different, beautiful … But it also has some features that give it a plus and it made it one of the stars on the brand at the Las Vegas Technology Fair: It has wifi and a 21.5-inch touch screen and speakers. Even with the SmartThings app, You can see what's inside all the time from your mobile. Something that is good for me when you buy and do not know if you have finally used all the vegetables to make gazpacho … Yes, the price of this refrigerator sounds more like luxury, because it is clear. It will go for 2.999 euros.

What it shows Samsung with this oven and this refrigerator, with this plate and the clock is that the technology thinks of things we wanted and we didn't even know what we wanted. And now we have to think about when and how we can get hold of these things. Because they will fall. Sooner or later they will fall.

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