Sunday , October 2 2022

Samsung could have paid Niantic to develop exclusive features


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We have received many e-mails and comments asking about a rumor: a supposed collaboration between Samsung and Niantic; The first could have paid $ 40 million to the other for the development of exclusive features for Samsung in the games (primarily Harry Potter games).

We want to give you our view on the subject, starting with the details of the rumor:

  • The rumors appeared for the first time in The Inquirer, an English web about technology that succeeded in successful leaks earlier. Although its successes are not too much, the truth is that some were much media and (maybe) oversized a little.

With this in mind, we can review the details of the "agreement":

  • Samsung would invest $ 40 million for an "exclusive partnership" with Niantic. Pokémon GO would not be included.
  • Niantic would not be willing to enter into Pokémon GO (thank you sir) but it is possible that Harry Potter games (not necessarily Wizards Unite) could use the Samsung touch pen as a magic wand.
  • The figure of 40 million would have come after a long and exhausting dragon between both companies.
  • Ingress, a priori, would also not be included in the deal.

We know that Niantic is doing well with Pokémon GO, just as we know that Wizards Unite is developing alongside Warner Bros Games. The game will be published by Portkey Games, but – as they indicate in FAQ – it is developed by Warner Bros and Niantic in common. Putting Samsung into the equation may mean we may be waiting for a new Harry Potter game. Why? Because the deal with Niantic would be difficult if it also involved a third company like Warner Bros.

We also know that Samsung is breaking into the mobile video game market. His latest effort would be Fortnite preinstalled on Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It's easy to imagine the reasons they would have looked at Niantic but why not on Warner Bros?

Finally, we know that John Hanke performed at Samsung Developer Conference 2018 (Developer Conference), together with Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games (Fortnite). This is currently the only connection we know between Niantic and Samsung:

Things we do not know:

  • Who said to "filter" this information. The leak source would be anonymous. Suspect, right?
  • Why that person (if any) gave that information specifically to the filtering.
  • Why such a thing would be secret. We know that Niantic has exclusive features for Apple (with Apple Watch and Pokémon GO) Why would they keep this secret?

If the rumors are true (and we think they are not), there would only be some features that are compatible with a Samsung peripheral. Do not give many wings to the reputation because it is also not indicated that it has anything to do with Pokémon GO.

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