Wednesday , December 8 2021

Sabino Aguad: "Today there is no agreement with Soteldo and it is currently not considered" | Sports


At a press conference between Carlos Heller and Sabino Aguad, Announced Blue Azul's board at the moment does not have Venezuelan midfielder Yeferson Soteldo for next season.

"Them is settled, The numbers were handled and we made efforts and they know several days ago that they do not continue in U. Today there is no agreement with Soteldo and it is currently not considered. In football there is no closed, with that number would not continue we can say it is closed forever ", says Sports Manager at Blues, Sabino Aguad.

In addition, about the continuity of Rafael Vaz, they also said that there were changes in the economic amounts. "We have talked to Vaz, we are waiting for your reply. we have to think if we go for it or for another option ".

In this way you can count on Carlos Quintana or Sergio Vittor for next season.

On Blues's interest by Bebelo Reynoso, they assured that they are conducting the negotiations. "Reynoso belongs to Boca and the conversation we had was that while it did not end, did not sit down to negotiate. It's potentially a boost, but it's not with us right now. "

Blues will be added to January 3 for pre-season work and hope that with reinforcements already ratified.

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