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Review of iPad Pro 2018 [FW Labs]


My story with iPad Pro dates back to 2016 with its first version in "Small", the 9.6-inch I acquired because it was monetary what I could access at that time, plus I never got to review an iPad in this formulation , a device that has been present since its inception and that we have also covered in its global launches.

Now it was my turn and it has the following specifications:

  • 12.9 "screen screen at 120Hz
  • Apple A12X Bionic processor
  • 4 or 6GB of RAM
  • Versions with 64GB, 256GB, 512GB or 1TB of memory
  • SIM card slot and e-Sim slot
  • 12 megapixel camera at f / 1.8 and 7 megapixel front at f / 2.2
  • 9720 mAh battery with USB-C charging


ipad pro 2018

It's probably the most beautiful iPad to date, with aggressive and marked edges, plus a small reminiscence for iPhone 5, which is my favorite in design and it looked so good in Space Gray, like this new iPad. Everything perfectly balanced so much that it can be held with one finger in the middle and weighs only 633 grams.

This right-angled aluminum disc presents the best screen I've used up to now, with a 120Hz refresh rate, and even without AMOLED (for technical reasons), it achieves better color reproduction, brightness, angles, and more than anyone who has been in a mobile device with these features. There is no video or photo that makes justice to what you see personally, with your own eyes.

ipad pro 2018

The rounded corners help in an almost boundless design, but with enough to have a good grip and even put Face ID, something that works great and in some orientation. If for some reason you cover your fingers, a little arrow warns you to drive your hand and that's it.

Apple Pencil now charges wirelessly (through induction) on one side, while keeping it magnetic or not, or shaking it off with scandal. It is very thoughtful. Unlike the previous model, I never saw in the trouble of losing the lid or needing to charge it in the Lightning connector, this is a very intelligent design decision.

ipad pro 2018

The Folio cover that contains a keyboard is very similar to the one in the past, with regard to the keys at least, with a small trip but comfortable to use an anti-rinse coating very well thought out. In addition, "origami" is over, now it's as easy as unpacking it and that's it, offering two angles instead of one as before. Certainly there are options that offer more angles, but these two are good for what I need.

On this, the contacts are now back and the folio feeds stick magnetically, it no longer uses the edges and no, nothing moves.


ipad pro 2018

We face one of the fastest and most powerful processors in the world, A12X Bionic, which lets you edit video in 4K without hang or delay and has the fastest experience ever been in one of these terminals and yes, it's faster than iPhone XS . I thought that was not possible.

There is no doubt that if you know how to take advantage of this animal while using it, it will be the fastest and most fluid experience you will gain.

The bad? I believe that, despite all Apple's efforts to leave my computer at home, I do not manage to change IPAD completely because there are tasks that require a full browser, not mobile and other heavier things than I know this machine can do, but they are not available, such as Cubase, for music production or a full Photoshop, which will come in 2019, but it's not yet and I can not wait.

ipad pro 2018

There are alternatives to everything, but the habit is something that costs a lot to leave. When I went with adapters, I was used to it, but it gives a bit more sense of mind that it is USB-C instead of Lightning, because of the variety it is also loading much faster.

The above battery life I thought it would decrease with such a thin body, but no, it eats the previous iPad and is simply stellar, sometimes gives me one and a half days to use intensive work, almost all my workmen do you. A regular laptop gives me 5-6 hours of my rhythm of consuming multimedia content all day, with headphones connected by Bluetooth all the time and more.

ipad pro 2018

Eyes on the sound: The 4 integrated speakers on this machine outperform all laptops gamer and yet it turns out to be several, they are crazy, I invite them to try when they can with any friend or in any store.

I take it?

Yes, because I found how to fit him in my life and make him worthy of his last name: Pro. For anyone else who may not be able to break the bike by using a complete computer, they will probably find a cheaper alternative to the iPad better, like the one that came out this year too, and it will be enough for many. It is also compatible with Apple Pencil (but not with this new version).

ipad pro 2018

Give me this extremely lightweight and portable form factor, where I do not compromise the screen size and enhance picture and sound quality, except for the battery.

Yes, I think iOS can make great hassle in managing files and folders because the current is for the phone, but in such a device it gives another problem that makes two steps more, I have faith in what can happen to iOS 13 . Only small things like that and having to go back to programs that are not on the platform make me keep a MacBook in the house, but it can be even better. At least the hardware is.

ipad pro 2018

All price and availability information and accessories are available on its official website, as well as in its official retailer.

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