Friday , December 3 2021

Raquel Argandoña no longer knew and broke with deep reflection on the family


Christmas is practical here and there are many matinals that have made reflective sections where they question the true meaning of this holiday, go beyond gifts and material items.

As for the program Welcome Channel 13 was an emotional advertising site that moved the panelists, and especially Raquel Argandoña, who broke down and could not contain crying.

The panelist made a sincere confession about family and Christmas, with special emphasis on children who have separated parents and unable to spend Christmas as they would like.

"Most of us have families and we are privileged, but there are many who are separated. The children are not guilty of the mistakes that older people do", Raquel Argandoña reported emotionally.

Then, when his eyes could no longer contain the tears, he added: "I think Christmas is an important date that makes us think and meditate on the mistakes we have made, though Let's not pay for adult mistakes in children. It is irreversible"He sentenced

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