Friday , October 7 2022

PUCV revokes classes in the face of a student's alleged armed attack | national


A threat in an international forum It caused concern in the authorities of the Valparaiso region after a subject had identified himself as a jurist at the Palatinate Catholic University of Valparaiso (PUCV) and announced that he would kill students and teachers on Wednesday.

The individual shared an image where he claims that he is in his possession an assault rifle, a Beretta gun and explosives. Prior to the comments, the alleged student says that "I'm going to give a living dream, I'll be a hero when the police arrive."

The supposed warning generated it as Governor of Valparaiso, Maria de la Paz Riveros, communicated with PUCV, Claudio Elórtegui, Rector, who assured him that in a preventive way Classes have been interrupted in the university's central house.

De La Paz said that "the governor has contacted the principal, so it Coordinations and redundancies are made in the investigating police. We have taken the measures, so the call is calm. "

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