Monday , December 6 2021

Preventing prison for drivers who caused carabinero's death in police control


in Preventive detention was the driver who caused a Carabinero official's death after disappearing a police check during this Saturday in the municipality of Paine, in the metropolitan area.

The man of 23 years and identified as Jaime Rodríguez fled from a police check, which led to Sergeant Rodrigo Valenzuela Dodge your vehicle, suffer from an interurban bus, the effect that caused his death.

According to prosecutor Jorge Carmona, The prisoner is in danger of imprisonment for 11 years.

"It is formalized by three illegal, off how much of murder, of the fact to run away without notifying the authority of a traffic accident that caused death and in addition Does not have the necessary license"he commented.

"He remained, participated in the danger of facts, form of commission, the number of crimes, in the precautionary precautionary precautionary measure," said the prosecutor.

The San Bernardo Court fixed on 120 days investigation period due to fact.

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