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PPD's annoyance with the CEO by decision on Dobra Lusic

Last Wednesday, in a meeting of the Committee of the Senator's PDP, it was asked whether any of the present legislators had spoken to the Minister of Justice, Hernán Larraín, about the name Dobra Lusic – that day was circulated as a letter from the government to succeed Milton Juica – as a candidate for Reaching the Supreme Court: Everyone's answer was a resounding no.

In the party, it is serious, for the government's decision was, according to them, "inconsistent", despite the signals given by the CEO for this time, the opposition would be heard – sector which it "corresponds" to the quota to appoint the new judge in the Supreme Court, to know to their preferences.

The truth is, as explained in the Senate, only talked to some senators of PS and DC to confirm the decision of President Sebastian Piñera announced last week. But in PPD they assured that there is no agreement to approve the name, although they also stressed that they still do not even meet to make the decision.

"At least the PPD senators haven't asked us," Senator Guido Girardi said. The third.

At the same time, one should now describe the name Lusic in the upper house's chamber, in order to promptly submit to the Committee on Constitution, Legislation, Justice and the Ordinance of the Senate with Felipe Harboe (PPD) as chairman.

It is worth remembering that in January, lawyer Mauricio Silva was appointed a new member of the Supreme Court and replaced Judge Carlos Cerda. Subsequently, several opposition senators made known to the government that the preference for the next meeting was Javier Moya, but it did not go on this occasion. Lusic, meanwhile, was driven into previous negotiations with La Moneda by some senators of Christian Democracy.

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