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Pasapalabra: Begoñas remarkable game in El Rosco that was not enough to beat Nicolás | TV and Show

The night of this Wednesday Nicolás Gavilán had to meet Begoña Arias in a new chapter of Pasapalabra.

Despite having tried for more than 30 times to take Rosco, the young man from Hualpén has not yet been able to win the final prize.

But it was not an obstacle to this time living one of the most difficult moments for the last time in the program.

At the final stage of the competition, Spanish had 11 hits (with 20 seconds available) against Nicolás 7 hits (51 seconds).

Thus, it was as Begoña decided to play all his cards and beat 10 consecutive words: dehydrate, glucometer, rinse, thousands text, matchmaker, porvenireno, operational, separate, ointment and see.

Immediately, the audience began, besides Julian Elfenbein, applauding the game, although in the letter C was wrong (said choapín, but was choapino).

Having been with an advantage of 21 to 7, Nicolás had a complex task to overcome. However, the young man turned out to be a big participant, as he countered a quick response.

After responding correctly discontinuous, counterfeit, gallows, metallic, literal and handle, Gavilán still needed 8 words to beat Begoña.

After taking the breath, Hualpenino surprised everyone by hitting: opinion, provoke, retractable, trimester, occupation, visit, stewardship, symbolize and ascend, which caused applause from everyone in the studio and won the captain thanks to his 21 hits (he had fewer failures than his opponents).

"It was that Nicolás would beat Begoña," said the TV room animator after the two participants' great games.

Remember that a few days ago, Nicolás Gavilán was close to becoming the big winner Pasapalabra, after several months where a millionaire pesos of 298 million accumulated.

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