Saturday , September 25 2021

Palermo blamed Diaz for his departure from U. Española

It has been a little more than a week since Martín Palermo stopped being a coach of Unión Española, but his departure continues to generate noise, especially since his replacement was Fernando Díaz, the Spaniard sports manager and with which the Argentine had a virtually no relationship.

And in a comprehensive interview with Kvicksilveret, his own "Titan" criticized the lead of the red set, which ensured that he planned his exit from the club.

"It was a meeting in Ecuador with Jorge Segovia (owner of the club) in 2019 projected, and I was not in these opportunities, I felt I was not part of Unión Español's future," said former Boca Juniors goalkeeper. in the morning.

"After the match against Universidad de Concepción, I experienced a very strange situation: a number of leaders with the players and I was not part of it, I knew they were required to qualify for Copa Sudamericana," he added.

In this respect, Palermo blamed Luis Baquedano and Santiago Perdiguero: "The players did not know any support but a pressure to win the next game because the chances of getting in a cup were lost."

Finally, about Diaz, Argentine was categorical: "His intention to control, wanting to occupy my place was always famous, the relationship was zero and the direct dialogue was lost, I was focused on campus."

"The players knew about the situation, it was one of the positions the players took, they communicated it to him and since then (Diaz) he had no access to the locker room, that was their decision, agreed with me and raised to the management," added he. .

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