Friday , November 15 2019
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Officials request that the Serum of the Cultures in the Los Lagos region depart

the good by officials of Ministry of Cultures, Art and Heritage (Anfucultura) in the Los Lagos region Minister Consuelo Valdés requested the dismissal of Seremi Amanda Milosevich Pepper.

The workers are mobilized in an "undefined active culture strike" and will support this action until the ceremony presents the departure or formalizes the termination.

Through a statement, they condemned it "fear of officials, accusations of harassment and harassment at work, deterioration of officials regarding their assigned functions, to publicly blame those of us working in the secretariat for being responsible for their maladministration, of its remoteness with the artistic and cultural community, just some of the reasons we have reached such a radical and painful decision as members of the region are artistic and cultural. "

In this regard, Amanda Milosevich, He came up with the complaints and explained that "The truth is, this surprises me, it was something without prior warning. With them I worked more than a year ago, it is clear that we have encountered some changes and it gives rise to anger as the new institutionality, processes that have not been simple, maintained good relations with the union, then I do not understand the disclaimers made ".

The ceremony indicated that on Friday he requested the resignation two officials, as part of an administrative process, based on the guild's reaction.

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