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"Ninja": the colored hair games that became a celebrity thanks to "Fortnite" | technique

With 27 years old, Tyler Blevins, aka "Ninja" is the best. The amazing success of Fortnite has made him a great celebrity: the first is a professional video player.

Being younger, like many teenagers, I spent hours in front of the computer in the basement of the family home in Chicago. Now he rubs his shoulders Neymar, Drake or Travis Scott, traveling around the world, sponsored by Red Bull and inviting to the major TVs in the United States.

Those over thirty ignore their existence but ask people between the ages of 10 and 25: if they are fans of video games, they just know him and his phosphorizing hair. The Twitch platform follows 13 million people and on YouTube 20 million.

Agence France-Presse

By handling the mouse and keyboard he has become head on Fortnite, planetary success that has driven the video game world since its launch in 2017. Today no one can do better than him the way "Battle Royale" of the game and dozens and hundreds of thousands of people connect every day to see it play.

"I started playing Fortnite and thought it was fun. It's free, which is good, and I just fell in love with the game", says in an interview with AFP.

I work full time

"It's very nice to see. Tell a story and it's very simple: you start with 100 players and the last survivor wins", says explaining the success of the game, with 200 million registered.

How is a regular "Ninja" day? In the morning "I had a coffee, then I drink for six hours. Then I take a break with my wife and usually go back in the evening for another" game "match.

First, all this was just a hobby but quickly, while studying, started to earn interesting income. For eight years, streaming has become his full-time job.

"I told my mother that if I got more than the minimum wage I would issue full time and she agreed", remember. "My parents were doubtful first, but you know managers aren't lying! When I started making money, they understood."

Today, and after the success of Fortnite, it is estimated that it goes into $ 500,000 a month, securing Cynthia and Chuck, their parents.

But this overwhelming success has not been easily achieved, he emphasizes. To come up with "I have been sacrificing many things. I never went out with my friends except to play video games. I've been a horrible boyfriend to the bride I had when I started. I neglected them because I played video games all the time."

Plan B

With the crazy expansion of the video game and the e-sports sector, some Geeks they begin to consider themselves video players before continuing with their studies.

But despite its success, "Ninja" does not want to take young people to leave everything to engage in video games. "It's very difficult. Always have a plan B"He says. Especially since the sector, in strong growth, remains volatile.

At the top since the start, Fortnite seems to have lost strength for competition from Apex Legends, a shooting game that has been introduced immediately between the most subsequent titles.

What impact does it have on your career? "I will continue to play Fortnite until I find that the game is no longer beneficial to me. But it is a good game, it will not disappear overnight. At worst, he has five years left", predicts.

On the other hand, he is sure that streaming is not an ephemeral way, nor is his profession. "Whatever happens, I will never be bad in video games. I can start a game and be good very fast. I don't think my age is a problem until I'm 40 or 50 years old. And at that moment who knows? "He said.

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