Monday , December 6 2021

Next Hyundai Santa Fe will adapt to you with your fingerprints and prevent you from forgetting the kids


I had to get there. Next year is expected to new Hyundai Santa Fe Being launched in China is a car that we can open and start using our fingerprints. The identity document that is already natural to a good part of the market thanks to fingerprint readers of smartphones points to revolution in the automotive sector.

Fingerprints as a system to personalize the experience in the car

In the presentation in China, the future Hyundai SUV will not only be used Fingerprint identification to open and allow us to start the car but it will benefit greatly from our biometrics.

Hyundai Santa Fe will recognize several drivers in the identification system by footprints, which may be Customize items that are associated with driving, such as locations or mirror position mirrors. The future configurations could be applied automatically when using our footprint to launch the Hyundai car.

The sensor is also ready to be used as a touch pad to control certain menus and options on the car. For sure, Hyundai has announced that the error rate is 1 in 50000, but not unreachable, especially when there are already AI systems that can unlock system with main traces with 80% reliability.

Santa Fe 2019

What is clear is, either with fingerprint reader or Certainly soon with the identification of faces, biometrics are ready to make the jump to cars in an integrated way and not through third elements like the smartphone.

Technology to avoid leaving children alone behind

Fingerprint is not the only recognized technology available in Hyundai Santa Fe. The versions already available in retailers in some markets include one system to warn the driver that forgotten children have been left on the back of the car. With the aid of ultrasonic sensors, if the car, after leaving the vehicle, discovered movements in the rear seat, a warning system would be activated for the driver and nearby persons.

Focused for now on the Chinese market, the Baidu voice control system will also be included in this car, as well as the integration of a wireless charger for the phone.

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