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New work accident in Lo Barnechea: The worker died after falling 37 meters

A new work accident with fatal consequences was registered in the municipality Lo Barnechea.

The event was registered at 7:00 am when a worker I worked in a construction located in front of Portal La Dehesa, at Avenida La Dehesa with Los Adobes. Man – for reasons examined – He fell 37 meters and died on the stage.

The 34-year-old man was employed as a carpenter. Health Seremi's staff arrived at work and decided prohibition of work and a summary.

The worker removed a wooden platform from the elevator box, which caused the accident. According to detailed information to cooperative Health Seremi, Rosa OyarceIt was "a fall from a ninth floor to a fifth floor".

To the place they arrived firefighters and Carabineros, although the investigation was finally in the hands of Homicide Brigade of the Survey Police (PDI).

The procedure in the case is added to what happened this morning when a landslide took one worker of 22-year-old Peruvian nationality who finally died.

"We regret a second fact on the same day and this is serious for us. We found it huge, "Oyarce said.

In the case of accidents, Health Seremi explained that in these cases "the fine starts from 0.1 to 1000 UTM. In cases of these deaths, the fine is always around 500 UTM. "

When it comes to the company where the collapse occurred, "as it is postponed in its tasks, at this moment what it must do to be able to open and restart the task, just depends on presenting their security plan"Oyarce said.

In that line it was added that "if the security plan is presented tomorrow and will be examined and it is seen that they have the right conditions, the data will be opened again." As long as they do not present a safety plan that is authorized, they are not You can restart. "

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