Friday , August 12 2022

New update of WhatsApp that concerns many


Be careful because one new update of the instant messaging application WhatsApp can submit it as proof.

According to the WABetainfo website, a portal is intended for technical updates, This would change how cell phone notification arrives blocked.

The messaging program would try to simplify its functions and, in pursuit of being practical, It would include messages with popup windows and previews.

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This can generate a lot of problems for users because, for example, Text messages appear in a popup window and videos should have a preview (reproduction without sound), so the terminal is blocked.

This would put in risk to users who wants to maintain its integrity, then Practices like "sexting" may be evidence pretty easy.

According to WABetaInfo, the famous application considers the possibility of considering videos in messages for a device that has version installed

WhatsApp I would also have planned forUturas updates the possibility to remove these previews in the terminals that have the application installed.

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It should be noted that Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are already circulating a video of people who, even if they do not use the beta version, You can already preview video clips. It does not show everything, but enough to know what it's all about.

The update can reveal those who practice "sexting & # 39;, consisting of sending and receiving messages, photos and erotic videos.

According to a survey of NGO The National Campaign, with 850 young people, 54% of whom acknowledged to have sent and received sexual material through WhatsApp.

51% of women, which was part of this survey, They claimed they had sent this kind of sexual material under pressure from their partners and only 32% of them said they felt sexy when they shared the multimedia content. After completion, 36% know that images or videos are shared by the recipient to other contacts.

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