Tuesday , October 19 2021

New road that will join Copiulemu, Hualqui and Coronel will exceed $ 60 billion


one concessioned motorway of 40 kilometers, which includes a New bridge over the Bío Bío river, will join the municipalities of Copiulemu, Hualqui and colonel, an initiative is considered one of the largest and most ambitious in terms of accession Bío Bío Region.

the project, which is expected to cost more than $ 60 billion, will allow trucks that circulate on the road to goatherd avoid going through fertilization and Route 160, to get to colonel, Sade Radio Bío Bío.

the Seremi de Obras Públicas, Daniel Escobar, stated that "Today, the company has presented this project to do environmental studies and then you can consider submitting the tender for the design and execution of this route."

He also explained that "the current road is paved in a section, but will be built with new standards, enabling connection in a short time Copiulemu, Hualqui and colonel, in addition to freeing the city from trucks".

The upcoming bridge will have an extension close to kilometers and a half between the city of El Manzano in Wood Route and La Leonera sector of Hualqui, which allows direct access to the port in colonelsaid the authority.

Although the associated costs are estimated in $ 60 billion, there are still studies to know and determine the final layout.

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