Wednesday , December 8 2021

Miss Universe 2018 ONLINE LIVE: The redundant prices that the new queen will get | Miss Universe 2018 LIVE from Thailand


This Sunday, December 16th It will be held Miss Universe 2018 in Thailand and the life of one of the 96 participants in beauty festival It will change forever.

The crown that wins the winner is not the only prize that will be awarded to the next Miss Universe, because he will also receive more than 200,000 dollars in prices and more responsibilities that he must meet in his fiscal year.

The one who wins Miss Universe 2018 You must change your address and move to New York, where you live in a luxurious penthouse. In addition, he will receive a salary of 250,000 dollars throughout his reign.

also, the new queen You do not have to worry about buying clothes because you have to pay for wardrobe, gym, dermatology, dental care and comprehensive nutrition.

The winner also You can develop a career related to modeling and actor. You can participate in castles in New York, movie premiere and exclusive fashion events. You can also have a portfolio made by the most prominent photographers.


Peru: 7 p.m. from Sunday, December 16th. Like Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico.
channel: TNT.

the Miss Universe 2018 It already had its first incidents. Marie Esther Bangura, Miss Sierra Leone arrived late at the competition site, so it was eliminated. She had traveled by boat to Thailand on December 2, but her place of stay was unknown until December 11th.

On the other hand, the public's attention to fall on Ángela Ponce, Miss Spain, the first transsexual model to participate in the crown of Miss Universe. She has received support from the candidates participating in this edition.

"Being here allows me to be a voice and it's my personal crown, it allows me to motivate many people. There are people just because I'm here, continue to live, that's my pride"explains the model and HLT rights activist

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