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Minister Espina quotes General Martinez to explain arms trade in the army – national


Minister Espina quotes General Martinez to explain arms trade in the army

The Secretary of Defense announced that he will have an early meeting with Commissioner Ricardo Martínez on Friday, explaining the "scope and meaning of his statements in a clear, precise and powerful way".

The Defense Minister, Alberto Espina, He asked "all information" to the commander of the Army Ricardo Martínez, after the sound of revealing corruption documents within the institution.

This, after a report from The clinic which reveals recordings in a meeting with the military, where he talks about the occurrence of illegal sale of arms by the military branch members to drug trafficking.

The government warned of the situation, and Espina himself acknowledged that he called the chief of the army "telephony".

"He is in general talks outside of Santiago, and I have asked him to give me all the details, in detail, about the facts he has mentioned," said Espina.

The state secretary argued that he had asked for "clear, precise and crucial answers and explanations" about a new controversy attacking the military institution.

Martinez told him that in his words "he referred to events that have occurred in the past, it is in justice, in military justice, where an army soldier illegally had acquired weapons and would have been sold to drug trafficking."

In the sounds, Martínez does not know what is being recorded and tells the officers that "the last seven months for me have not been easy, I have to meet everything … And they are more. Mutua), Milkogaten does not know how far it goes, everything is active ".

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