Wednesday , October 5 2022

Mayne-Nicholls two days after the election of ANFP: "They will be very complex, more for us" | Sports


When there is only 48 hours left for the presidency election in ANFP, one of the candidates, Harold Mayne Nicholls, referred to the chances of winning as has the Wave Sports Sago radio.

Asked about the election on November 29, he said: "They will be complex, especially for us. We have no confidence to win in the first round. With three candidates there will be a second round between the first two majorities and we hope to be there. "

In that line, the journalist added: "It's hard for everyone, no one can predict a result. The reason is that not everyone has the same objective concept in terms of football. "

Finally, Mayne-Nicholls referred to the sale of Canal del Fútbol (CDF). "If the national prosecutor's office continues to delay CDF's resolution and finally does not accept it, it will be a very difficult issue for the clubs. It will be very difficult to cope, as many of them have already incorporated these resources into their annual budget of spending, "he concluded.

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