Sunday , January 17 2021

Marcelo Ríos: Pamela Jiles never tried to rape me, I said it tried to make her “spicier”

Former tennis player Marcelo Rios clarified the statements he made on Tuesday in which he accused the deputy Pamela Jiles of attempted rape when she was a minor and she works as a journalist, while the parliamentarian announced legal action.

“What a way to have fun yesterday on the show.”, He indicated on Instagram with reference to the herring where he participated with Catalina Pulido and Patricia Maldonado, where he made his controversial statements.

“I want to make it clear that Pamela Jiles never tried to rape me or wanted to rape me in the way I said it was in a way out of context and tried to make the subject more spicy,” he said.

“I repeat that he did not at any time try to abuse me, but the rest of the story is completely true,” he concluded.

Pamela Jiles announced legal action

During the day, the parliamentarian reacted to statements from Marcelo Ríos and announced that he will go to court.

“I declare legal action against tennis player Marcelo Ríos for his false and serious accusations, which occur when I am sentenced to Segundo Retiro for alleviating the suffering of my people,” he said on his Twitter account.

“The damage done extends to those who spread these stories that seriously affect my honor,” he concluded.

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