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Mañalich: From September, licenses will be paid within a maximum of 30 days

The Ministry of Health, Jaime Mañalich, announced in A new morning of cooperative to "September 1, medical licenses that are motivated to be paid within a maximum of 30 days will come".

After meeting the crisis that Compin The Metropolitan (Commission for Preventive Medicine and Disability) for delays in the payment of medical licenses that amounted to almost 30 thousand cases, announced to the Secretary of State the new rules that will be regulated for these situations and added that This Friday, 21,000 licenses had already been owed to a total of 27,000 stagnated in the Santiago office, which amounts to just over 75 percent. And the rest will be paid next week.

"This is not an economic problem, it is not a ruse to delay paying. Here is a right for the people." What happens? Fonasa handles more than four million medical licenses, this monetary friend had 27,000 licensed medical delays more than 60 days, a few many months, and what has been done is to intervene, Mañalich says.

According to the Secretary of State, "Always 72 percent" of the medical license has been resolved: "We got 21 thousand people out of 27 thousand and the rest, the remaining 6 000, will pay leave next week."

"This stops Santiago's stock problem, just in Santiago," said Mañalich, explaining that he spoke this morning with President Sebastián Piñera for "there is a new digital platform, a change of place".

He admitted it "Compinen imploded inward" and that the staff "was overworked and poorly distributed work".

In this context, Mañalich confirmed that medical licenses will be settled within a maximum of 30 days from September 1 in the Metropolitan Compin.

"In Compín de Moneda, he (President Piñera) has set us a deadline for this to be implemented on August 30. A motivated license must be paid within a maximum of 30 days, from September 1 this year, that is what we have asked "the president," said the head of health.

He even announced that "we will intervene (Compin) in Tarapacá, a region that has a problem in Valparaiso, so that this happens all over the country, not only through this intervention in Compin in Currency".

"Improving human treatment, we need to change our office, we need to do retraining and retraining of staff (…) This is a very deep intervention where we look at some small first results"he said.

the President Piñera He used his Twitter account to mark it as 21,000 licenses have been redeemed in the Metropolitan Compin and the reasoned license is paid within a maximum of 30 days.

"Compín had 27,000 delayed medical licenses, a drama for many families, I asked the Ministry of Health to resolve the situation and it is already 21 thousand solved and 6000 going, now licenses will be settled in 30 days," says the head of state.

Fonasa: Remove as soon as possible a team that fixes the maximum annual copayment amount

Within the framework of the reform to Fonasa, the Minister of Health stressed that he was looking for "be able to take out as soon as possible the law that sets a maximum amount of copayment to the people who accumulated during the year", confirms that this initiative is on the table by the Deputy Chamber's Health Commission next Tuesday.

"That is, people are starting to spend money because they buy medicines, because they pay a bonus, anyway, whatever was in Fonasa, there is a time when state insurance says "Don't worry, here, for this disease and in this year we continue to pay, Fonasa"explained Mañalich.

The Secretary of State stressed that this "It is revolutionary which already existed as an extra coverage of disastrous diseases in the isapres and that it is necessary for the Fonasa recipients to have much more reason to do so ".

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