Wednesday , December 8 2021

Lung cancer can be more common in non-smoking women


Historically, lung cancer was more common in the male population than in the female population. However, in the last two decades, prices have increased the incidence of lung cancer in the female population in different parts of the world. The appearance of this neoplasm should not be linked exclusively to tobacco consumption.

According to information from the National Cancer Institute (INCan), in Mexico, this condition It is the second cause of death due to malignant tumors in men and the eighth in women. According to estimates, 2015 was more than 11,800 deaths from this disease in our country.

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Tobacco use is related to 85% of lung cancer cases in the world, but it is important to note that it is not the only reason for appearance because other risk factors such as exposure to contamination, pollutants, asbestos and radon require essentially observation.

Currently, screening with a low-dose breast tomography in a risky population has shown early detection of lung cancer, which would cause more people suffering from this disease to be cured since a patient is seeking a doctor for symptoms (cough, breathlessness, chest pain or high back or weight loss), the disease is usually advanced and is not considered to be curable but controllable.

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Being able to detect early, which is the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide, has been a breakthrough that is expected to be carried out small and small in health care, in order to affect a greater number of people.

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