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Life in Rebekas Chile, the Haitian woman who died after being knocked out

"We saw that girl lying on the ground, I began to love her and the girl did not react ".

Here's how the tragic scene described Graciela Ramírez, a woman who tried to help Rebeka Pierre, 38, of Haitian nationality who disappeared while he waited a bus at a bus stop in Transantiago located in Mapocho with Huelen, who dies instead.

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Ever since it was to Cesfam in the municipality of Cerro Navia, where he was diagnosed that he had his changed heart functions. I mean, I had tachycardia

Given this situation, the pregnant woman was referred to the Metropolitan Hospital. After several medical checks and for reasons that are still unknown, emptied

Fact that involves any medical negligence. As he says Rossana Silva, Rebeka's friend.

"If the office and midwife are considering sending it via ambulance to the hospital and there they return it in a micro with a high, Without being a lawyer, I think there is a neglect because more can be done"He said.

While the Mayor of Cerro Navia, Mauro Tamayo, detailed it "We have offered to generate a criminal complaint against those who are responsible so that this case does not go unpunished. "

The victim I had come to the country four years agoShe was the mother of a 5 year old child and tried to validate her medical degree in the country, but she did not have the resources to pay for the procedure.

He came looking for a better life, but his dream was shortened, just like the life of Joane Florvil. A friend of the victim takes care of another child of the woman.

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